About Us

About Us

Exclusives and benefits is an online shopping portal!

Our vocation is to improve your daily purchases by providing you with the best shopping experience on the Web!

Premium Shopping

A 20% refund on the pre-tax price of your purchases through our portal up to £230 / month.

Premium Delivery

Because delivery charges are a real extra cost when completing an online purchase... we refund them on all your purchases completed through the portal up to £230 / month!

Coupons and discounts

We browse the Web to find, additionally to all your other advantages, coupons and discounts to always provide you with the best shopping experience on the Web.

Loyalty Bonus

Because being loyal is important, we reward it! Each month, you benefit from a loyalty bonus of £10 with your favourite merchant!

Wait no longer and become a member of exclusives and benefits now!


Exclusives & Benefits

Your exclusive shopping portal!

As a member, enjoy a unique shopping experience on the internet.

With 20% of Shopping Premium on all your purchases, Loyalty Bonuses and refund of your delivery costs, you get the best online shopping service.

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